Thursday, 31 December 2015

Fresh start for the new year!

I decided that in 2016 I am really going to focus on my blog. I finally got my new laptop today and have spent most of the afternoon changing everything around, when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! I am pretty happy with it now though and I'll probably tweak a few more bits but this is a good start for now! let me know what you think?

I'm looking forward to developing my blog over the next year and to see where I get. I really enjoy blogging and I seem to have stuck at it over the last couple of months. which is a real surprise considering my track record at sticking to things I start! I have a billion projects and ideas that are still yet to be finished, some haven't even been started! 

I think I'm all blogged out for today, there's only so long you can stare a one blog for! I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of New Years Eve. I'm just staying in this year and have already demolished a pizza hut takeaway. I'll probably sit and watch a bit of Jools Holland then stick the London fireworks on at midnight! I would really love to go there one NYE. I have been meaning to do it for the last couple of years but being my usual un-organised self I haven't gotten around to sorting it. I love London and it would be great to make a weekend of it. But for now I'll sit and watch it on the telly, at least I'm warm and cosy! 

Have a lovely night and a happy new year! 


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lush Snowfairy Shower gel!

In one of the lovely lush gift boxes I received this year for Christmas was the Lush Snowfairy shower gel. It's sparkly and pink...need I say more! It's from the Lush Christmas range and as far as I know it's not available to buy any other time of the year, which makes sense as its a Christmas shower gel! 

This one contains Carrageenan Extract, which after a look on the lush site I discovered is used as a moisturiser. Sounds good to me! 

The best thing by far about this though, is the smell! It's candy floss scented but the smell kind of reminds me of something else, I just can't quite pin it down! I've been sat for a good few minutes before writing this post trying to figure out just what it is but I can't get it! 
Although I find the smell doesn't really linger around on your skin for long after you've been in the shower it is still amazing and fills my bathroom with a sweet scent. If someone put it in a candle, I would buy it.

I will definitely be purchasing this come Christmas time next year! What's your favourite Lush shower gel? 


Chocolate orange cupcakes!

If there's one thing I can garuntee I will receive at Christmas its a Terry's chocolate orange. Don't get me wrong, I love them but with all the other goodies that are around on Christmas, my poor old chocolate oranges seem to get left till last. 

This year I got 2 oranges, one was demolished pretty much in one go (oops!) and the other I decided to make into chocolate orange cupcakes! This one was dark chocolate and I do like dark chocolate but I can't eat a lot of it and especially not on its own. But let me tell you, it tastes gorgeous in a cupcake!

To make these scrummy cupcakes you will need: 
2 eggs 
200g caster sugar
130g plain flower 
50g Cocoa powder 
2 teaspoons baking powder
160ml Milk
Vanilla extract
160g unsalted butter 
1 chocate orange (minus a couple of segments, which you'll probably end up eating) 

Preheat your oven to 170oc before you start and line a cupcake tray with paper cases ready for the batter! 

Mix the eggs and sugar together until well combined in a large mixing bowl.

In a separate bowl, mix together flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and a pinch of salt. 
Using another bowl also combine the milk and 1/4 tea spoon of vanilla extract. 
Gradually beat these two mixtures into the egg and sugar mixture. Keep stirring until all the ingredients are well incorporated. It may seem like there's way to much milk at first but keep going! 

Now you need to melt the butter. Melt it on a low heat and stir continuously to avoid burning. If you chop the butter up into smaller chunks, it will melt a bit quicker. I just chucked a whole chunk in mine though! 

Stir the melted butter into your cake mixture. Don't worry if it seems like the butter will never mix, keep going and you'll get there!

Now roughly chop up the chocolate orange and add to the mixture. Stir until the chocolate is evenly dispersed. 

Now spoon the batter into the cupcake cases, only fill the cares about 2/3 full so they will have room to rise. 

Put into the oven for about 30 minutes and relax! These smell absolutely gorgeous when baking! 
To check the cupcakes are done insert a skewer or blunt butter knife into a cake, the skewer/knife should come out clean. If there is mixture left then just pop them back in for a couple more minutes.

And voilĂ  you have some yummy cupcakes! You can expect to make about 12, possibly a couple more. The original recipie I used was for muffins so the mixture goes a little further when you use cupcake cases rather than muffin cases. 



Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Today has been super hectic so far so I'm now taking some time to chill out and watch the Grinch! I went to Meadowhall today to buy everyone's Christmas presents (and a few for myself!). Meadow hall is just a really big shopping centre, I've probably walked miles today, I feel like I have anyway! I didn't get many photos of the decor as id planned, it was just so busy! Clearly I was not the only one leaving all my shopping till the last minute...I did manage to get this one while we were sat having some lunch. 

I'm spending Christmas Day this year at my other half of house with his family, their Christmas decorations are beautiful! I love the retro style fairy lights on the tree. There is a huge pile of Christmas presents around the tree, of course I've inspected mine to try and figure out what they are ...I've sniffed out a couple of lush bath bombs so far ;) is it sad that I know what one it is just by smelling them!? 

I'm really looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and of course I am very excited! You'd think by now I would be less excited but I still can not sleep on Christmas Eve! I might not struggle with sleeping now though with the amount of walking I've done today, hauling shopping bags around is hard work you know! 

Have a lovely Christmas everyone! 


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Dealing with greasy hair!

My hair used to be alright but over the years it seems to have gotten greasier, oh the joys of growing up! I've tried my best to keep my hair as grease free as possible as we all know how much hassle washing and drying your hair can be, theres plenty of other things I would rather be doing! 

Dry shampoo is your best friend! There are days when my hair is literally 90% dry shampoo. If it wasn't for this god send I would be washing my hair literally twice a day (maybe not twice a day but you can see what I mean). I always have a can of batiste ready to go, I usually try and buy the bigger cans as I go through the stuff pretty quickly. I'm using the floral and flirty one at the minute, it smells gorgeous and I love that the scent lasts through the day.

Don't condition your roots! I've always had and issue with the volume in my hair, or lack of volume. I stopped co do rooming the roots of my hair because I heard this can weigh hair down, I have been doing this for a couple of years and I can notice a difference, in that my hair is no longer stuck to my head. It also means my hair lasts a little bit longer between washes. 

Go easy on the products you use, my hair doesn't seem to take to well to anything I use in it. The extra prouduct usually just weighs my hair down even more and the grease seems to build up even quicker. I'll run an bit of mouse through my hair (emphasis on 'a bit') to give it a bit of extra bounce, but other than that I try and keep it as prouduct free as possible. Apart from the mass amounts of dry shampoo of course! 

Try not to touch your hair to much, I'm not one to talk on this one really because I  am always running my fingers through my hair. Hands can be oily and pick up all kinds of icky stuff that you don't want in your hair. I usually do my makeup before doing anything with my hair in the morning and have started getting into the habit of going to wash my hands before starting to tackle my hair. This just gets rid of any leftover prouduct I have on my hands. 

It's also a good idea to clean out your hairbrush for the same reason, it might just be me but I find cleaning my hairbrush so satisfying! 

I hope this will help and if anyone has any more tips please let me know! 

(This post was written on my phone as my laptops broken so if the layout looks a bit weird, that's why!)

It's nearly Christmas!

Earlier this week my laptop decided to give up on me, I knew it was on its way out but I was hoping it would hold on for a bit longer! So that means I'm having to blog on my phone until I can sort out getting a new one, ugh! So apologies if this post looks awful...there's only so much you can do from and iPhone! 

On the bright side it's Christmas next week! (Hopefully I'll be able to get a deal on a new laptop in the new year sales ;)) I know it's such a cliche thing to say but it has come around so fast! As expected I haven't done all my Christmas shopping yet and I don't actually plan to do any now until Christmas Eve. I understand that sentence might make the more organised Christmas shopper start to panick but I love to just get it all done in one go and shopping on Christmas Eve when all the decorations are up is great!

 Not going to lie, one of the things I'm looking forward to most, is the week and a half off I'm having from work. It's been so busy the past couple of weeks and I really cannot wait to kick back and enjoy Christmas! I've only got another 3 days left to work, not that I'm counting or anything...then I'm off till the 4th January!

I was also hoping to get some blogging done then and maybe have a look at my blogs layout and tweak a thing or two. Thanks to my lack of laptop it looks like I won't be able to get much of that done now! 

Has anyone else left their Christmas shopping to the last minute like me? I can't be the only one who's this unorganised! I'll leave you with a few snaps of my Christmas tree :) 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sparkly Christmas nails!

Just in case you haven't noticed, Christmas is now less than 2 weeks away! EEEEEK! I haven't bought all my presents yet but I've decided to leave the rest until I go shopping Christmas Eve, risky I know. I might not be prepared on the presents front but at least my nails will be looking fabulous! 
I was in Superdrug shopping for hair dye (more on that another time!) and I had a little browse around because was never going to go into Superdrug and come out with just what I went in for, that would be madness.

I didn't go mad but I did spot a gorgeous sparkly red! I thought it looked perfect for this time of year so I picked one up. This ones from Rimmel, I did spot a similar Barry M one, which I would usually go for, but its nice to have a change!

The polish is called Ruby Crush from the Rimmel Precious Stones range. It has red and larger pieces of silver glitter, it looks so beautiful on! I did find that on its own it wasn't that great, but I find that with most glittery polishes I've tried. I used my Barry M polish in Red Wine as a base and then just used a coat of Ruby Crush over the top. Both of the polishes look really great together, I really like Red Wine for this time of year because it isn't a bright red, to me it looks like a Christmassy kind of shade. As a top coat I used the Barry M Plumpy top coa, this gives your nails a bit of a gel effect, especially when its used with a polish from their Gelly range.
This polish is really gorgeous though and you should definitely grab one if you see it. No doubt I'll be wearing this tons, I might as well make the most of this beautiful polish while I can!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Cosy December!

I am always one for cosy nights in and they're even better in the colder months. Especially with all this wind and I've been having over here lately! Saying that though it does seem unusually warm for December...not sure if warm is the right word but by now its usually freezing! Not that I'm complaining!

One of my favourite things about this time of year (besides the food) are the Christmas films. My favourite at the minute is the Polar Express, but I haven't actually had a chance to watch it yet this year. I am definitely in need of a Christmas film night! I've recently re watched The Santa Clause, this was my absolute favourite Christmas film when I was younger!
I also love Christmas specials of my favourite TV series, one I watch every single year is the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special. I'm watching it right now actually! I watch it every year and I still love it.

Of course you need the right attire for a cosy Christmas night in! I got these reindeer slipper socks from Matalan. They are lush! The inside is line with fur (faux of course) and it is so so warm and cosy. One of my Rudolph's has lost his nose though and the other is only just hanging on so it looks like I'll have to get the sewing kit out!

I started drinking green tea a while ago and apart from all the other benefits its also great at warming you up! I love to try new flavours as well, I recently got a strawberry and vanilla tea and its lovely! I've got about 6 different flavours on the go at the minute, another of my favourites is salted caramel. What's your favourite? I'd love to try some more suggestions!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Burts Bees!


Just the other week I did a little (only a little) shop on Feel Unique. I haven't really bought regularly from this site before but I actually really love it. I have usually shopped at Superdrug but I find feel unique have more of a selection, while Superdrug do only stock the drug store brands. Its also just so easy to just have everything in one place...good news for me but not so much for my bank balance!
One thing I did get was the Burt's Bees lip balm. We all know that winter can be harsh and my lips are usually pretty prone to drying out at the best of times, so I have really started to notice it in the last few weeks. I had heard a bit about this brand but I had never given them a go so I thought I'd try it out. I had a little browse around and found a little set for just £5.99. There are 3 products in the set and me being me I didn't actually look at the description and assumed they were all lip balms. They weren't and I am now the owner of Burts Bees cuticle cream and hand salve. I'm not going to complain though as I imagine both of these will come in handy, the hand salve is already proving to be a winner!
The set did come with the vitamin E and Peppermint lip balm stick. Let me tell you they aren't lying when they say its peppermint, its pretty strong. It kind of gives your lips what I can only describe as a minty sensation (you know what I mean right?!) it doesn't last long and after all the 'minty sensation' is over you can walk around enjoying the lovely peppermint scent.
I have only been using this now for about 3 days and it has made a huge improvement already. I tend to have dry skin on my lips which is not that pretty. It also kind of prevents me from wearing anything on my lips because it just doesn't sit right! but this seems to be sorting the problem out. They also have a Tinted Lip Balm in a variety of shades and I am looking forward to giving these a try!
Did I also mention the cute little tin this set came in? I love products that come in packaging that can be reused, I'd happily keep this to store other lip balms. Maybe then I'd be able to keep one longer than a week without losing it! It also makes it a nice little gift or stocking filler :) I'm very glad to have tried this, now I'll just have to remember to use it!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Mini Christmas Wish List

If you cant tell from my last few Christmas related posts, I am getting pretty excited for Christmas. November has whizzed by and the first of December is only 4 days away! Do you have an advent calendar yet? you're never to old for an advent calendar!

I don't know what it is but at Christmas every time someone asks what I want my reply 99% of the time is "umm, I dunno". All year round I will be seeing things and adding them to my wish list, but when December comes I've suddenly forgotten everything!

I have been having a little look around though and I've found a few things I would really like, I don't expect anyone to buy me any of this, in fact I will probably end up eventually getting half of it as a 'Christmas treat' for myself but there's no harm in dropping a few hints!

Number one is the Naked Palette. I've never been massively into makeup but lately I have been and I've been enjoying trying some new things out, so its time to expand my very limited collection! I did actually send my boyfriend the link to the Naked palette I wanted, is that to much of a hint? I would also be very happy to get Gwen Stefani's urban decay palette, it only came out earlier this month and it looks gorgeous, not sure I would use the brighter colours as much though. Definitely don't think I would be able to pull off the blue!

I would also love the Real Techniques Collectors Edition gift set, this set comes with 5 brushes and at £29.99 that means each brush is about £6.00 so you're getting a great deal. Its really good for people like me who are starting pretty much from scratch.
I love Barry M nail polish and I certainly would not mind topping up that collection. My favourite is the Jelly range they have, you actually look like you've gone to get your nails done...until I smudge them because I'm to impatient to let them dry. They have a great selection of colours and Barry M isn't very expensive either, so you can get a few colours without breaking the bank. My Favourite shade is Ballerina at the minute, so gorgeous!
ETSY! I love finding unique things on etsy so it would be great to have a gift card for the site. I have a ton of stuff on my favourites just waiting to be bought. I can spend ages scrolling down looking at everything and I find some really great stuff. I'm currently in the process of buying furniture to move into my first place and etsy is really good to pick up a few bits and pieces to make my new place feel a bit more homey.
I'm going to leave it there for now, I could go on and on! What's top on everyone else's wish list?

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas Under £20


Christmas can get pretty expensive, especially if you have a lot of people to buy for! I've put together a list to help give you some ideas for gifts under £20, presents that are great if you have a lot of people to buy for.
Firstly there's the obvious skincare gift sets! I think these are really good and you can pretty much find one for whoever your buying for, I think this Zoella gift set would be a really good choice for a preteen. Superdrug currently has up to half price on selected gift sets, definitely worth checking out for a bargain!
Hot chocolate jars are really good as gifts to give out to almost anyone, you can also make a few at once so its great if you have a few school friends you need to buy for or as stocking fillers. You can decorate them how you want to make them look really Christmassy, and who doesn't like a cosy night in with a hot chocolate at this time of year! You can buy jars online or in most supermarkets so they're really easy to get hold of and they aren't usually very expensive. 
One present I would definitely be more than happy to receive is a lush gift set! They're also great because you can find one to suit your budget, this one is only £9.99. There's also this one is at the higher end of the £20 budget but I was actually surprised at how much was in the set. If you know any Lush enthusiasts like myself this will definitely be a great gift! I might have to try a few of the products in these gift sets myself...for research purposes.
I'm a big fan of personalised presents, I just think its so nice to give a gift that really means something to them. I found these personalised coasters, I think these are a sweet present. I think these would be a really nice present for a family member if you add some lovely family photos.
Set Of Four Personalised Drinks Coasters
If you have someone who isn't all that into beauty, or someone who is already up to their eyeballs in products then a book could be a good idea. If you know there's a certain celebrity they are a fan of you could get their book. Maybe even a cook book if you know someone's into baking! WH Smith has a sale on right now so you'll definitely be able to find something they like for under £20. If you know they prefer to read electronic books then you could also get them a voucher so they can go and buy whatever books they like, also great if you're not sure exactly which one to get!
Jewellery can be a bit of a tricky one for under £20 but I found these gorgeous earrings on Not On The High Street that would be prefect for a friend. They're also really simple so they'll suit a lot of peoples style.
CHOCOLATE! You cant have to much chocolate at Christmas and you can get some really nice stuff for the under £20 budget. I love these personalised truffles from Thorntons if you're looking for something a little bit more special than just chocolate. I also found these cuties while I was having a look around, they look so yummy! Plus can you really go wrong with chocolate.
I hope this has helped you out or at least given you some inspiration! This has mainly been aimed a females, maybe I'll do another post aimed at guys as I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggles to buy for them!


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Meat Free (kinda)!

I have always been very picky with my food and although I've gotten a bit better over the years I still like to eat pretty simple food. Then a few months ago I really started to go off meat. I've never been that keen on meat anyway but I started to actually feel sick after eating it. I decided to just stop eating it, I haven't cut it out completely but I rarely eat it now. As I was a pretty picky eater anyway you can imagine after getting rid of meat I was limited even more to what I could eat.
So that's when I started eating Quorn, this is basically just a brand of meat free meat. Being picky I'm always a bit cautious trying new food but I was kind of running out of options so I gave it a go! it was a great choice.
Image result for quorn
It actually mimics the taste and texture of real meat really well, but you don't get all the horrible fatty bits, which is what I think put me off eating it in the first place. I also thought that there wouldn't be too much choice but there's actually plenty to choose from. There's bacon, burgers, mince, chicken and probably tons of other stuff but they're my favourites! The bacon does look kind of weird but its tastes like super nice smokey bacon.
Image result for quorn
The other week I had steak burgers with a mozzarella centre and they were gorgeous! Honestly if I didn't know better I would have thought they were meat. Quorn is actually a really good source of protein, which is something meat free diets lack so its good to know you can still get the protein you need. One thing you will lack when you don't eat a lot of meat though is iron, but this can be found in other foods you can incorporate into your diet instead or you can take supplements.
I really love eating Quorn and I feel like I have a wider choice of food now! I've also kind of converted my other half which is great!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Fancy a Cup o' Coffee?

I hadn't been to Lush in far to long so I decided to treat myself and get a few things, I didn't get too much this time (very unlike me!). One thing I did get was the Cup o' Coffee facemask, I absolutely love Lush facemasks. I don't know what it is but they seem to do much more for my skin than any other brand I've tried. I also have quite sensitive skin and Lush masks generally contain natural ingredients so its perfect for me!

I decided to try a new one this time (living life on the edge as always). Cup o' Coffee is an exfoliating mask ad exfoliates your skin using ground up coffee beans. I will say these are quite rough on your skin but they really work. Because its not a gentle exfoliation I have been using this twice a week and I'm finding that I don't really need to exfoliate anymore during the week.

You've probably guessed what this mask smells like from the name, if like me you love the smell of coffee you'll like this but it is very strong. So if coffee isn't your...cup of'll probably not want to sit with this under your nose for 15 minutes.

This is a great mask though and it leaves my skin looking a lot brighter and so so smooth! I will definitely be purchasing this again.


Monday, 9 November 2015

Christmas Treats!

Ok so it is getting pretty close (kinda) to Christmas, the best thing about Christmas? THE FOOD! It just would not be Christmas if you didn't eat until you nearly exploded. And everything just looks so cute! Now Halloweens over and done with surely its time to start getting excited for Christmas, I know I have...I'm currently listening to Christmas songs, no doubt by the time Christmas is over I will have played them to death. Anyway back to the important part, the food!
I think I'm going to make some Christmas treats this year, so I had a look on Pinterest for some inspiration, as I usually do! and I was not disappointed. Here's a few of my favourites...
How cute are these?! they also look super simple so they would be great for kids, or for people who aren't the best at baking...such as myself!
Its little Santas made from strawberries! also you can eat as many as you like because its fruit, at least that's what I'll be telling myself!

Cute cookies to go with hot chocolate...yes please! I really don't think one will be enough though, I wonder how many you can fit on one mug? I think these would be really cute to use if you have guests round over the Christmas period, just a little cute Christmassy touch!
Of course you have to have gingerbread at Christmas, I love how these ones are decorated. I think it would be a fun activity to bake a batch and then everyone could decorate one!

Of course you need a snack to eat while you're sat watching your Christmas films and normal popcorn is just not good enough!

More Ginger treats! I love the decoration and its something a bit different. These would be great to have out as snacks for guests, they're just to pretty to keep to yourself!
I found tons more but these were my favourites. I'll definitely try a couple, my favourite has to be the ginger cookies dipped in white chocolate. That's one I'll do for sure but if my baking history is anything to go by, they probably wont turn out anything like those ones! Either way I'll post the result here, could end up a Pinterest fail post!
Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any more ideas, maybe some Christmas cupcakes?!
The photos used in this post aren't my own (I wish they were photos of my baking!) I have linked the original sites below each photo.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Fire works!

I've decided to start blogging again, I ended up stopping because I had just run out of motivation and topics to post about! But its crazy how many post ideas you come up with when you don't actually need them...I should have written some down because no doubt I'll be stuck again at some point! I was thinking of just starting a completely new blog but I decided not to and to just keep this one. Not sure I'm 100% happy with how it looks right now so I'll probably make a few changes.
So earlier I went out to a fire works display to celebrate bonfire night...which was actually on Thursday but I think most people waited for the weekend! I was expecting it to be stood outside shivering but it was actually fairly warm for November, and no rain! It was actually a really great display, the photos wont do it justice.
We didn't stick around for to long, I'm now back snuggled at home in my new throw from Dunelm mill, its from their teddy bear range and I swear it is the softest thing I've ever felt, perfect for cold nights!
I'll now leave you with a few very ammeter looking photos of tonight's fire works, do you know how hard  it is to get a good picture of them on an iPhone!

Monday, 20 July 2015

July Favorites!

Its not exactly the end of July, but its close enough...can you believe its August soon! WHAT! So this is my first 'favorites' post, obviously I was to eager to wait till the end of the month. I've decided to just do general favorites, probably mostly beauty related, as that's the kind of thing i like to read/watch. But i'll also include other stuff like books, music or apps I've been liking.

First up this month is the Maybelline falsies mascara. I love the curved wand as it curls my eyelashes slightly making them extra pretty! Unfortunately mines started to go a bit dry and clumpy now (sob) but I've had it for probably about  2 months now so its definitely at the end of its life! Thinking of trying out the Benefit they're real mascara next, I've been watching a lot of Tanya Burr lately and shes always talking about it, I want to try it!

Next up is Palmers cocoa butter body scrub. This leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized, what more do you want?! It has also seemed to last ages, I've been using this almost every other day for the last 2 months and I am only just finishing it. This isn't a brand I have really used before but I will definitely be purchasing this again! Its currently on sale on super drug online for £3.29 but its usually £4.99. Considering how long it has lasted me its a bargain!

I have never bought a moisturizing product for my eyes before, but I am so glad I did! I went with Simple as its a brand I have used a lot in the past and I usually get on well with it, I have pretty sensitive skin and they leave out harsh ingredients so I don't have to worry about my skin reacting to it. I use this when my eyes are looking a bit tired in the morning and it really wakes them up, even if i still feel like a zombie! My eyes have also been really dry and a little bit sore lately as I've been rubbing them due to my hay fever. This helps to moisturize them and soothe them, it also doesn't sting!

On a non beauty related topic I have been listening a lot to Hoziers, 'someone new'. I've probably been listening to it a bit too much, if that's possible! I heard it a little while ago and I rediscovered it and have probably listened to it about 13948875 times since.

Now it has been FOREVER since I've read a book, i used to read all the time but I don't make the time for it anymore. I've been watching Orange is the new black since the first season came out but I only recently found out that it is based on a true story. There is an autobiography written by the person who it is actually based on, I have completely forgotten their name! But i decided as I loved the series so much I would give this a read, and I have really been enjoying it so far. I always end up imagining the characters in the book as they are on the series as some of the characters are based on the book. I purchased this on itunes so I can just pick up my phone and read anytime and maybe I'm just really lazy but I find it a lot easier to sit with my phone in my hand, I can never get comfy when I'm reading a book!

well that's all from me for now, does anyone have any good book suggestions?


Monday, 13 July 2015

Graze box opening!

Its Monday! Not usually something to be happy about but Monday is graze box day! I specifically chose Monday because its nice to have something, ANYTHING, to look forward to after the weekends over. If you haven't heard of graze its basically a company that sends yummy (and healthy) snacks to your door, sounds pretty good right? You can choose different types of boxes, there's a new breakfast one (which I am keen to try) and you can also choose to have sweet snacks or savory ones, I have the variety box which gives you a bit of everything. They can be delivered when you want, I get mine weekly but you can go for every month or fortnight if that suits you better. The boxes are £3.99 each, including delivery which is pretty good if you ask me!

One thing I really like about Graze boxes is that it encourages me to try new things. Never would I have picked up sour cream and garlic crostini but I'm eating it right now and it is the bees knees (i do not say that enough!). I'm not adventurous at all when it comes to new food and this gives me a way to discover new stuff! The idea was that I was going to have like a snack a day or something but I manage to much through these pretty quick, so that ideas out of the window, you just want to taste it all as soon as it arrives!
 So here's what came in this weeks box:

light poppy and lemon slice and a cup of Assam and Kenyan leaves tea. I had this poppy slice after dinner and its gorgeous! Again if I had a choice I would usually default to choosing some chocolate cake, I don't usually try this king of thing but its so yummy! Cant comment on the tea just yet but I've started drinking green tea lately so I've been looking forward to receiving a tea bag in my graze box!

Sour cream and garlic crostini with cashews. Hands down these were the best of the box! my mouth is just watering thinking about them, I wonder if I can get big bags of these somewhere else...
Zesty lime and red pepper salsa! This was yummy, not my favorite of the box but yummy! I couldn't really taste any lime but i love the little pitta bites.

There was also a box of maple and pecan granola, but i've lost the photo! URGH! You can see a smaller version in the top picture. I haven't tried this yet but I bet it would be lovely with some natural yogurt. 

I'm considering switching to a breakfast box but I love getting these cute little snacks too much! Heres the link to the website to find out more, you get your first box free! If only lush did a box like this, I would be in heaven!