Thursday, 31 December 2015

Fresh start for the new year!

I decided that in 2016 I am really going to focus on my blog. I finally got my new laptop today and have spent most of the afternoon changing everything around, when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! I am pretty happy with it now though and I'll probably tweak a few more bits but this is a good start for now! let me know what you think?

I'm looking forward to developing my blog over the next year and to see where I get. I really enjoy blogging and I seem to have stuck at it over the last couple of months. which is a real surprise considering my track record at sticking to things I start! I have a billion projects and ideas that are still yet to be finished, some haven't even been started! 

I think I'm all blogged out for today, there's only so long you can stare a one blog for! I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of New Years Eve. I'm just staying in this year and have already demolished a pizza hut takeaway. I'll probably sit and watch a bit of Jools Holland then stick the London fireworks on at midnight! I would really love to go there one NYE. I have been meaning to do it for the last couple of years but being my usual un-organised self I haven't gotten around to sorting it. I love London and it would be great to make a weekend of it. But for now I'll sit and watch it on the telly, at least I'm warm and cosy! 

Have a lovely night and a happy new year! 


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