Sunday, 20 December 2015

Dealing with greasy hair!

My hair used to be alright but over the years it seems to have gotten greasier, oh the joys of growing up! I've tried my best to keep my hair as grease free as possible as we all know how much hassle washing and drying your hair can be, theres plenty of other things I would rather be doing! 

Dry shampoo is your best friend! There are days when my hair is literally 90% dry shampoo. If it wasn't for this god send I would be washing my hair literally twice a day (maybe not twice a day but you can see what I mean). I always have a can of batiste ready to go, I usually try and buy the bigger cans as I go through the stuff pretty quickly. I'm using the floral and flirty one at the minute, it smells gorgeous and I love that the scent lasts through the day.

Don't condition your roots! I've always had and issue with the volume in my hair, or lack of volume. I stopped co do rooming the roots of my hair because I heard this can weigh hair down, I have been doing this for a couple of years and I can notice a difference, in that my hair is no longer stuck to my head. It also means my hair lasts a little bit longer between washes. 

Go easy on the products you use, my hair doesn't seem to take to well to anything I use in it. The extra prouduct usually just weighs my hair down even more and the grease seems to build up even quicker. I'll run an bit of mouse through my hair (emphasis on 'a bit') to give it a bit of extra bounce, but other than that I try and keep it as prouduct free as possible. Apart from the mass amounts of dry shampoo of course! 

Try not to touch your hair to much, I'm not one to talk on this one really because I  am always running my fingers through my hair. Hands can be oily and pick up all kinds of icky stuff that you don't want in your hair. I usually do my makeup before doing anything with my hair in the morning and have started getting into the habit of going to wash my hands before starting to tackle my hair. This just gets rid of any leftover prouduct I have on my hands. 

It's also a good idea to clean out your hairbrush for the same reason, it might just be me but I find cleaning my hairbrush so satisfying! 

I hope this will help and if anyone has any more tips please let me know! 

(This post was written on my phone as my laptops broken so if the layout looks a bit weird, that's why!)

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