Saturday, 7 November 2015

Fire works!

I've decided to start blogging again, I ended up stopping because I had just run out of motivation and topics to post about! But its crazy how many post ideas you come up with when you don't actually need them...I should have written some down because no doubt I'll be stuck again at some point! I was thinking of just starting a completely new blog but I decided not to and to just keep this one. Not sure I'm 100% happy with how it looks right now so I'll probably make a few changes.
So earlier I went out to a fire works display to celebrate bonfire night...which was actually on Thursday but I think most people waited for the weekend! I was expecting it to be stood outside shivering but it was actually fairly warm for November, and no rain! It was actually a really great display, the photos wont do it justice.
We didn't stick around for to long, I'm now back snuggled at home in my new throw from Dunelm mill, its from their teddy bear range and I swear it is the softest thing I've ever felt, perfect for cold nights!
I'll now leave you with a few very ammeter looking photos of tonight's fire works, do you know how hard  it is to get a good picture of them on an iPhone!

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