Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Mini Christmas Wish List

If you cant tell from my last few Christmas related posts, I am getting pretty excited for Christmas. November has whizzed by and the first of December is only 4 days away! Do you have an advent calendar yet? you're never to old for an advent calendar!

I don't know what it is but at Christmas every time someone asks what I want my reply 99% of the time is "umm, I dunno". All year round I will be seeing things and adding them to my wish list, but when December comes I've suddenly forgotten everything!

I have been having a little look around though and I've found a few things I would really like, I don't expect anyone to buy me any of this, in fact I will probably end up eventually getting half of it as a 'Christmas treat' for myself but there's no harm in dropping a few hints!

Number one is the Naked Palette. I've never been massively into makeup but lately I have been and I've been enjoying trying some new things out, so its time to expand my very limited collection! I did actually send my boyfriend the link to the Naked palette I wanted, is that to much of a hint? I would also be very happy to get Gwen Stefani's urban decay palette, it only came out earlier this month and it looks gorgeous, not sure I would use the brighter colours as much though. Definitely don't think I would be able to pull off the blue!

I would also love the Real Techniques Collectors Edition gift set, this set comes with 5 brushes and at £29.99 that means each brush is about £6.00 so you're getting a great deal. Its really good for people like me who are starting pretty much from scratch.
I love Barry M nail polish and I certainly would not mind topping up that collection. My favourite is the Jelly range they have, you actually look like you've gone to get your nails done...until I smudge them because I'm to impatient to let them dry. They have a great selection of colours and Barry M isn't very expensive either, so you can get a few colours without breaking the bank. My Favourite shade is Ballerina at the minute, so gorgeous!
ETSY! I love finding unique things on etsy so it would be great to have a gift card for the site. I have a ton of stuff on my favourites just waiting to be bought. I can spend ages scrolling down looking at everything and I find some really great stuff. I'm currently in the process of buying furniture to move into my first place and etsy is really good to pick up a few bits and pieces to make my new place feel a bit more homey.
I'm going to leave it there for now, I could go on and on! What's top on everyone else's wish list?

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