Monday, 9 November 2015

Christmas Treats!

Ok so it is getting pretty close (kinda) to Christmas, the best thing about Christmas? THE FOOD! It just would not be Christmas if you didn't eat until you nearly exploded. And everything just looks so cute! Now Halloweens over and done with surely its time to start getting excited for Christmas, I know I have...I'm currently listening to Christmas songs, no doubt by the time Christmas is over I will have played them to death. Anyway back to the important part, the food!
I think I'm going to make some Christmas treats this year, so I had a look on Pinterest for some inspiration, as I usually do! and I was not disappointed. Here's a few of my favourites...
How cute are these?! they also look super simple so they would be great for kids, or for people who aren't the best at baking...such as myself!
Its little Santas made from strawberries! also you can eat as many as you like because its fruit, at least that's what I'll be telling myself!

Cute cookies to go with hot chocolate...yes please! I really don't think one will be enough though, I wonder how many you can fit on one mug? I think these would be really cute to use if you have guests round over the Christmas period, just a little cute Christmassy touch!
Of course you have to have gingerbread at Christmas, I love how these ones are decorated. I think it would be a fun activity to bake a batch and then everyone could decorate one!

Of course you need a snack to eat while you're sat watching your Christmas films and normal popcorn is just not good enough!

More Ginger treats! I love the decoration and its something a bit different. These would be great to have out as snacks for guests, they're just to pretty to keep to yourself!
I found tons more but these were my favourites. I'll definitely try a couple, my favourite has to be the ginger cookies dipped in white chocolate. That's one I'll do for sure but if my baking history is anything to go by, they probably wont turn out anything like those ones! Either way I'll post the result here, could end up a Pinterest fail post!
Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any more ideas, maybe some Christmas cupcakes?!
The photos used in this post aren't my own (I wish they were photos of my baking!) I have linked the original sites below each photo.


  1. These are so cute :)

  2. I know! Can't wait to try them :)