Thursday, 19 November 2015

Meat Free (kinda)!

I have always been very picky with my food and although I've gotten a bit better over the years I still like to eat pretty simple food. Then a few months ago I really started to go off meat. I've never been that keen on meat anyway but I started to actually feel sick after eating it. I decided to just stop eating it, I haven't cut it out completely but I rarely eat it now. As I was a pretty picky eater anyway you can imagine after getting rid of meat I was limited even more to what I could eat.
So that's when I started eating Quorn, this is basically just a brand of meat free meat. Being picky I'm always a bit cautious trying new food but I was kind of running out of options so I gave it a go! it was a great choice.
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It actually mimics the taste and texture of real meat really well, but you don't get all the horrible fatty bits, which is what I think put me off eating it in the first place. I also thought that there wouldn't be too much choice but there's actually plenty to choose from. There's bacon, burgers, mince, chicken and probably tons of other stuff but they're my favourites! The bacon does look kind of weird but its tastes like super nice smokey bacon.
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The other week I had steak burgers with a mozzarella centre and they were gorgeous! Honestly if I didn't know better I would have thought they were meat. Quorn is actually a really good source of protein, which is something meat free diets lack so its good to know you can still get the protein you need. One thing you will lack when you don't eat a lot of meat though is iron, but this can be found in other foods you can incorporate into your diet instead or you can take supplements.
I really love eating Quorn and I feel like I have a wider choice of food now! I've also kind of converted my other half which is great!


  1. This does look like a great alternative! I don't really like bacon so this might be worth a try xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. It definitely is! It looks a little weird but trust me it tastes great! :) x