Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sparkly Christmas nails!

Just in case you haven't noticed, Christmas is now less than 2 weeks away! EEEEEK! I haven't bought all my presents yet but I've decided to leave the rest until I go shopping Christmas Eve, risky I know. I might not be prepared on the presents front but at least my nails will be looking fabulous! 
I was in Superdrug shopping for hair dye (more on that another time!) and I had a little browse around because was never going to go into Superdrug and come out with just what I went in for, that would be madness.

I didn't go mad but I did spot a gorgeous sparkly red! I thought it looked perfect for this time of year so I picked one up. This ones from Rimmel, I did spot a similar Barry M one, which I would usually go for, but its nice to have a change!

The polish is called Ruby Crush from the Rimmel Precious Stones range. It has red and larger pieces of silver glitter, it looks so beautiful on! I did find that on its own it wasn't that great, but I find that with most glittery polishes I've tried. I used my Barry M polish in Red Wine as a base and then just used a coat of Ruby Crush over the top. Both of the polishes look really great together, I really like Red Wine for this time of year because it isn't a bright red, to me it looks like a Christmassy kind of shade. As a top coat I used the Barry M Plumpy top coa, this gives your nails a bit of a gel effect, especially when its used with a polish from their Gelly range.
This polish is really gorgeous though and you should definitely grab one if you see it. No doubt I'll be wearing this tons, I might as well make the most of this beautiful polish while I can!

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