Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bootea Teatox

So I am going to start the Bootea Teatox! I'm not usually one for being healthy, I like my pizza, but I thought I would give this ago. Basically the teatox performs an intensive cleanse of your digestive system, this helps you to lose weight. Of course for the best results you will need to change your diet if its not that great already and exercise regularly. You can chose between the 14 and 28 day teaox, I chose the 14. For £20 you get 14 day time cleanse and 7 night time cleanse tea bags, you drink one in the morning everyday and then the night time cleanse every other night. The day time tea contains caffeine and other good stuff to keep you energized and freshhhhh. The night time tea doesn't contain caffeine, for obvious reasons and also induces a laxative effect (sounds scary). This is to basically cleanse and detox your body. I've never really been a tea drinker or hot drink drinker so i'm not sure how much i'll like the taste, I wanted to try this though as its a more natural way to detox. Looking forward to getting started! Heres the link to find out more-


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day Trip To London!

So this weekend I went on a trip to London with my lovely boyfriend! I have been looking forward to this since i booked it all over a month ago and the day went so fast! Luckily the weather was pretty good and we had a great day :)

When we arrived we headed across to the Chelsea stadium, i booked a tour as my boyfriends a fan. And despite not liking football I actually really enjoyed it! We had an hour long tour and also had a look around the museum didn't actually get many photos but here's a couple!

after this we went to the museumey part of London (South Kensington) and had a look around the science museum, not as boring as it sounds. We didn't spend to long here because e had a lot to fit in and i decided to have a nose bleed half way round which held us up a bit! Its free to get in and there's plenty of interactive stuff to do, there's also a kids play area section we managed to wander into!
Scary Spaceman!
Then we did a bit of sightseeing!

We also visited Ripleys believe it or not museum, its a museum full of weird stuff basically! Theres also a mirror maze were you can laugh at your boyfriend walking into mirrors! And a laser maze, it looked pretty cool but we didn't have time in the end to have a go. It stays open till midnight so there's loads of time to look around! I didn't get a photo but there's a mirror there that you're supposed to pull faces in, turns out its a two way mirror! I hope no one was stood behind it when I was there!

Was very sleepy on the train back after wondering around London for 12 hours! But we had a great day, there's so much to do and see you can't get it all done it one day! Hope we get to go back again soon :)

Monday, 6 April 2015

Barry M!

Well it seems like spring is finally here! Of course this meant I had to buy more nail polish! I got some Barry M nail polish for Christmas and decided to get a few more 'springy' colours to add to the collection. I got mine from Amazon, it was a little bit cheaper than getting it from The Barry M website, I managed to get these 4 for £3 each, they're usually around £4 so not a huge discount but better than nowt! I picked colours from the gelly collection, they're supposed to be extra shiny and appear to be more like gel nails, I think it looks pretty good! 
The colour I used first (prickly peach) pictured below took a few coats but well worth it, now let's see how long they last! I have also purchased some nails stickers/decals so excited to try these out with the new colours when they arrive!