Sunday, 25 September 2016

Living room update/wishlist

So it wont be long until my new sofa arrives, very exiting! I've been wanting to replace our current sofa since we moved in. The current sofa was one I bought cheap just so we had a sofa to move into our first place but it was always the plan to get a new one when we could. When we (when I say we I mean I) picked out the new sofa, I decided that of course, it would need some new cushions. I also want to add a few more bits into the living room to make it feel less 'just moved into' and more homey. Especially as Autumn and Winter are just around the corner and I would love to have a nice cosy living room to snuggle up in. 

Naturally I went to Pinterest, I love looking around there for inspiration. I've created a new living room board dedicated to this little decor project. I'm actually being very restrained with this board and rather than pinning every single thing I think looks pretty, I've mostly just been pinning pieces I can actually buy. I like seeing it all in one place, its so much easier that way to see what will actually look good together. It's also much easier now that I am buying for a house I live in so you can picture how everything will look in the space, before it was hard buying furniture before we even knew what kind of place we were moving into. 

The theme is going to be a little bit shabby chic. I already have a TV stand and coffee table that I'm happy with, the new sofa is really going to be the new bit of furniture. Colour scheme I'm going for will be mostly neutrals with a little bit of duck egg blue. Again the furniture already in the room is white so they will pretty much go with anything.

Having said all of that I thought it would be cool to share some ideas/my wishlist for the living room update. 

One thing I found that is top of my wishlist are these scrabble tile canvases for the wall. I came across these and pinned them. However when I clicked the link I found that the item was now unavailable! ARGG! I cant seem to find them anywhere else either and I NEED these. I'm tempted to maybe try and DIY something similar but also a bit put off that idea as I know what my crafting skills are like! Maybe if I can find a tutorial somewhere...It would probably be a lot cheaper to do myself.

Another thing I love is this chunky knit throw from Dunelm. I love the knitted pattern and its nice to have something to get cosy under. I also found these knitted cushions, which I think would look lovely with the throw. There's one in duck egg and one in cream, of course I will have to have both colours! 

Another one from Dunelm is this lamp. I'm not 100% sure on this one yet but I do want another lamp and this one is gorgeous. Another lighting option is a Himalayan Salt lamp. These are said to have many benefits, you can read more about that here. Other than the benefits, these lamps look beautiful. My mother in law had a couple in her living room and they make the room look so cosy. It gives off more of a glow rather than a harsh light. I can only have one or the other due to the limited space so though decisions to be made! Which do you prefer?

So thats just a few things I've found so far. I welcome any more suggestions or ideas! And if anyone knows anywhere I can buy the scrabble tiles please tell me! Or even how to DIY some..I'll give it a go!



  1. Love this post I want to make my living room cosy I put fairy lights everywhere ! Check out my blog :)

    1. I didn't think about fairy lights! Might have to add to the list... Xxx

  2. I really want some scrabble letters too they're so cute! I'm sure Ebay might have a variation of them :) This post makes me want to redo my room decor right now hahaha! xx


    1. eBay is a good idea, I'll have to have a search on there! Thank you! :) xxx