Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Burts Bees!


Just the other week I did a little (only a little) shop on Feel Unique. I haven't really bought regularly from this site before but I actually really love it. I have usually shopped at Superdrug but I find feel unique have more of a selection, while Superdrug do only stock the drug store brands. Its also just so easy to just have everything in one place...good news for me but not so much for my bank balance!
One thing I did get was the Burt's Bees lip balm. We all know that winter can be harsh and my lips are usually pretty prone to drying out at the best of times, so I have really started to notice it in the last few weeks. I had heard a bit about this brand but I had never given them a go so I thought I'd try it out. I had a little browse around and found a little set for just £5.99. There are 3 products in the set and me being me I didn't actually look at the description and assumed they were all lip balms. They weren't and I am now the owner of Burts Bees cuticle cream and hand salve. I'm not going to complain though as I imagine both of these will come in handy, the hand salve is already proving to be a winner!
The set did come with the vitamin E and Peppermint lip balm stick. Let me tell you they aren't lying when they say its peppermint, its pretty strong. It kind of gives your lips what I can only describe as a minty sensation (you know what I mean right?!) it doesn't last long and after all the 'minty sensation' is over you can walk around enjoying the lovely peppermint scent.
I have only been using this now for about 3 days and it has made a huge improvement already. I tend to have dry skin on my lips which is not that pretty. It also kind of prevents me from wearing anything on my lips because it just doesn't sit right! but this seems to be sorting the problem out. They also have a Tinted Lip Balm in a variety of shades and I am looking forward to giving these a try!
Did I also mention the cute little tin this set came in? I love products that come in packaging that can be reused, I'd happily keep this to store other lip balms. Maybe then I'd be able to keep one longer than a week without losing it! It also makes it a nice little gift or stocking filler :) I'm very glad to have tried this, now I'll just have to remember to use it!

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