Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lush Honey Bee bath bomb!

Seems like a heatwave is coming our way this week, it's about time to! So I've been feeling very summery this weekend. I also like to pay extra attention to my skin in the summer as it tends to dry out and get a bit blugh. My pale skin just isn't cut out for summer and it takes a lot of looking after at the best of times! This weekend I tried a new lush bath bomb, new to me anyway! Called Honey Bee, it's like a little yellow ball of sun, the colour really cheers me up and matches the summery mood I'm in, even if it does look kind of like you peed in the bath! 
This bomb kind of smells...natural, I think that's the best way to describe it. And I love it! In the bath it smells more like lemon than honey, which is odd as it doesn't contain any lemon oil! However it does contain sweet orange oil which is probably where the scent comes from. This bomb also contains honey (kind of a given), organinc Aloe Vera gel and rhassoul mud, among other lovely things. I do really like this bath bomb, I find the smell really relaxing and perfect for this time of year. Do be prepared to clean the yellow ring it leaves around the bath though! I think I will be repurchasing this in the future! 
By the way, I logged on today to find out my last two posts didnt upload onto my blog, so frustrating! So this was kind of supposed to follow on from a lush haul but I guess that will have to come another time! 


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Colab dry shampoo review

Recently I went crazy and bought a different brand of dry shampoo, I'm a hooligan what can I say!? I read about colab dry shampoo in another blog post talking about products bloggers have brought out into stores. This is by Ruth crilly, I haven't actually read her blog before but I am subscribed to her YouTube channel, although I haven't watched anything from her in a whole. I really like this product for my hair, however I'm not a fan of the smell. Well I actually do really love the smell but to me it smells really masculine. I should mention that there isn't just one fragrance to choose from! So it's not a deal breaker, I can always get another one next time. Mine is called Paris and the fragrance is supposed to be floral, maybe it's just my nose but I don't get that! 

It is actually really good though, i usually use batise cherry dry shampoo so I have kind of compared the two. I notice with colab that it isn't as white as batise, so it's less likely that you end up walking around with white powder in your hair! Although as a blonde, it's never been to much of an issue but I can imagine if you have dark hair it would show a lot more. So it's great for that! It also works really well, I've been changing between this one and batise and I find that the colab dry shampoo is a bit less heavy. Dry shampoo normally takes the shine out of my hair after a couple of days (I use dry shampoo for as long as humanly possible, I don't like washing my hair!) but it doesn't seem to as much with this one! The smell isn't really that much of an issue, you get little whifs of it thorought the day but you can't really smell it all the time and it's definitely not an overpowering smell, pretty subtle. Overall I really like this, I will defineltly purchase this brand again but I'll probably try a different fragrance! Does anyone else use this brand, what do you think? 


Sunday, 7 June 2015

Is summer here!?

Well it's been a lovely sunny weekend! Which is even better after the windy rainy days we've had recently. Look at that blue sky, gorgeous! 
This weekend consisted of bacon sarnies outside, home made slushies and plenty of sunshine, lovely! I love slushies, I will get my own slushy machine one day, I'm determined! But for now it's a lot of ice blending for me. We added in Ribena to the ice and it was yummy. Excuse the chipped nails but it's Sunday! 
I bought these cups from homebargains this weekend, I think it was about 8 for a pound. I also got some jumbo straws, very good for getting to the chocolate chunks in milkshakes! I've also started making lemon water recently, it's supposed to be good for detoxing, I'm a bit skeptical about this but it sure does taste good! It's really refreshing, particularly good on days like today. I add strawberrys in if we have any, it makes the water a little sweeter and also looks pretty! 
They're at least better than sugary juice, not that I can talk about that with all the slushies I've had this weekend! How has the weekend gone so fast!? If only the week would fly by this quickly! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mini Superdrug haul!

Is it really June already! Really! My motivation to blog lately has been 0% so I haven't posted anything in a while! I really couldn't think of anything I was exited about enough to write about, I think every blogger has these moments (if I can call myself a blogger!). One thing that did excite me this week was going to collect my Superdrug order, bit sad but there you go. I thought I would share my purchases with you...

First item on my list was the colab dry shampoo, I can't live without dry shampoo. I usually get batise dry shampoo but after reading a blog about it I decided to try this one instead! It does smell a little bit masculine, I mean I love the smell but maybe not on me. 
I also got some mascara, (NAME) the one o was using was coming the the end of its life (RIP) and was getting a bit to clumpy to use. All I can say is I'm happy with this so far! There was no particular reason why I bought this one, I go for waterproof because, well I live in England and it's rainy and windy. 
I bought some Rommel bb cream, I really like this! I got it because I don't really like wearing foundation and I don't really feel like I need to most days, but we all have bad skin days and this is light and moisturising. I got mine in very light, I think that's the lightest shade! 
I got the makeup sponges not to apply makeup but to try out some different nail art. Incase you were wondering the first 2 attempts did not go well, but it's all about trial and error! Another product I got was Barry M makeup brushes, I got one for concealer and one for eyeshadow, turns out they're both the same brush! No complaints about these so far, they do the job! 
In skincare I got some makeup wipes, no need to explain that and some eye roll on from simple. This has all kinds of good stuff like cucumber to wake your eyes up, I use it in the morning! I also got a cocoa butter body scrub, oh my goodness, I've only used this once and it's amazing. It smells really good and the smell sticks around for a while. It makes my skin feel soooo smooth and soft, which is always good!
Well I think that's all from my little haul, I'm sure they'll be plenty more to come! I hope I'll have another post to show you when my nail art is successful, any tips for ombré nails? 

Have a lovely day :)