Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Today has been super hectic so far so I'm now taking some time to chill out and watch the Grinch! I went to Meadowhall today to buy everyone's Christmas presents (and a few for myself!). Meadow hall is just a really big shopping centre, I've probably walked miles today, I feel like I have anyway! I didn't get many photos of the decor as id planned, it was just so busy! Clearly I was not the only one leaving all my shopping till the last minute...I did manage to get this one while we were sat having some lunch. 

I'm spending Christmas Day this year at my other half of house with his family, their Christmas decorations are beautiful! I love the retro style fairy lights on the tree. There is a huge pile of Christmas presents around the tree, of course I've inspected mine to try and figure out what they are ...I've sniffed out a couple of lush bath bombs so far ;) is it sad that I know what one it is just by smelling them!? 

I'm really looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and of course I am very excited! You'd think by now I would be less excited but I still can not sleep on Christmas Eve! I might not struggle with sleeping now though with the amount of walking I've done today, hauling shopping bags around is hard work you know! 

Have a lovely Christmas everyone! 


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