Monday, 18 May 2015

Something to look forward to!

It's been another long, cold, rainy day here today, you know those days when all you can think about is snuggling in your nice warm bed back at home? Yep it's been one of those. It's days like today that I need something to look forward to, of corse there's always the end of the week to look forward to, but it's nice to have something that you're doing at the end of the week!
I've decided that every month I'm going to try and give myself something to look forward to. It might be as simple as going out for a meal or to the cinema, it doesn't have to be fancy, and on my budget it's probably not going to be! It's just something to work towards and to keep me going on days like today. 
I'm starting this weekend by taking my boyfriend out for a meal, yes I'm lovely I know. It sounds kind of simple but we actually don't go out to eat a lot, we tend to get a takeaway and sit in watching a movie, which I love but it's nice to change it around bit! We have been saying for probably about 6 months that we need to try this new buffet place, but have we gone? No! I feel like that's a problem a lot of people have, we always say lets do this lets do that but we never actually put anything in place and just do it! I'm just going to do more I enjoy and spend less time worrying about stuff that really doesn't matter! 



  1. That#s a wonderful idea you have there. I think small rewards like that make a big difference and usually keep one happy ♥ Are you going to blog about the dinner out with your boyfriend? I love seeing food related entries, hehehe. Anyways, I hope you'll be able to enjoy it. ♥

    1. Its the little things :) Yes I will be! As long as I remember to take pictures...still new to blogging and I always forget! Thank you! <3