Monday, 13 July 2015

Graze box opening!

Its Monday! Not usually something to be happy about but Monday is graze box day! I specifically chose Monday because its nice to have something, ANYTHING, to look forward to after the weekends over. If you haven't heard of graze its basically a company that sends yummy (and healthy) snacks to your door, sounds pretty good right? You can choose different types of boxes, there's a new breakfast one (which I am keen to try) and you can also choose to have sweet snacks or savory ones, I have the variety box which gives you a bit of everything. They can be delivered when you want, I get mine weekly but you can go for every month or fortnight if that suits you better. The boxes are £3.99 each, including delivery which is pretty good if you ask me!

One thing I really like about Graze boxes is that it encourages me to try new things. Never would I have picked up sour cream and garlic crostini but I'm eating it right now and it is the bees knees (i do not say that enough!). I'm not adventurous at all when it comes to new food and this gives me a way to discover new stuff! The idea was that I was going to have like a snack a day or something but I manage to much through these pretty quick, so that ideas out of the window, you just want to taste it all as soon as it arrives!
 So here's what came in this weeks box:

light poppy and lemon slice and a cup of Assam and Kenyan leaves tea. I had this poppy slice after dinner and its gorgeous! Again if I had a choice I would usually default to choosing some chocolate cake, I don't usually try this king of thing but its so yummy! Cant comment on the tea just yet but I've started drinking green tea lately so I've been looking forward to receiving a tea bag in my graze box!

Sour cream and garlic crostini with cashews. Hands down these were the best of the box! my mouth is just watering thinking about them, I wonder if I can get big bags of these somewhere else...
Zesty lime and red pepper salsa! This was yummy, not my favorite of the box but yummy! I couldn't really taste any lime but i love the little pitta bites.

There was also a box of maple and pecan granola, but i've lost the photo! URGH! You can see a smaller version in the top picture. I haven't tried this yet but I bet it would be lovely with some natural yogurt. 

I'm considering switching to a breakfast box but I love getting these cute little snacks too much! Heres the link to the website to find out more, you get your first box free! If only lush did a box like this, I would be in heaven! 


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