Sunday, 24 January 2016

Products first impressions

This week I ordered a few 'essentials' from boots. At least I call them essentials... mostly just to justify buying them to myself! They were pretty basic things though, but I thought I'd share my first impressions because its easy to overlook everyday things that aren't all that exciting!

First on my list was the Vichy Life Serum, I wrote about this on my wishlist post earlier. As you can see I'm wasting no time getting started on ticking items off this list, I've got my eye on the Tarte Palette next...
I really love the packaging of this product and the fact that its a pump dispenser, rather than having to squeeze it out of a bottle. I feel like there's less waste this way and you can get just the amount you need. As for the actual product, I love it. I had already had a sample, which is why I decided to purchase the full size. One thing I really love is the smell, it has a lovely scent and it also makes my skin feel really soft.

Next up is Bumble and Bumble Colour Minded Shampoo and Conditioner. I bought this because for the last couple of months I've coloured my hair auburn. I love the colour but as anyone else who's an unnatural red head will know, reds fade quickly! Mine seemed to fade after a few washes, almost back to my original blonde. Not wanting to dye my hair every couple of weeks, I read up that sulphate free shampoo is the way to go. So that's why I went with this one! I used this shampoo today and I cant comment yet on how effective it is at stopping colour fading because you cant really tell after one use. But I can tell you that this shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel lovely. It feels soft but not flat. Some shampoo makes my hair really shiny and soft but it takes all the texture out and I'm left with hair stuck to my head. I actually feel like my colour looks a little bit brighter, now that might just be me thinking that but it was already starting to fade and it seems a bit more vibrant. I went with the smaller size because its isnt cheap and I thought I'd better try it out first before getting a bigger bottle.

I also got the Rimmel lasting finish foundation. I had been using Rimmel wake me up foundation and mixing it with a lighter BB cream because it was a tiny bit dark for me and call me crazy but I actually like to be quite pale. Not an unhealthy pale just a nice pale! Anyway, I ran out of this and went on the search for a new foundation. I came across this one and decided to give it ago. First impression is that it smells great, not overpowering but it just smells nice. Which isnt essential in a foundation but its a nice touch. I went for Ivory and it actually matches me perfectly. It's a full coverage foundation, but when blended in it could be a medium. I don't feel like I really need to much coverage, especially when I'm also using concealer but this gives a good cover. It's meant to last 25 hours, I don't know why 25...seems a bit random to me. I'm not sure about this yet but I've had it on most of today and it seems to be staying.

I got 2 brushes with my order, a Real Techniques Stippling brush and a Bare Minerals brow master brush. I used both today. The stippling brush is really good at buffing foundation into the skin to give a more natural finish, which is great because no one wants cakey make-up!
I really love the Brow brush from Bare Minerals, I like that there is a brush one end for combing through the eyebrows ad then a brush the other for applying powder. The brush for applying powder is thin so you can get a nice precise line and it was really easy to use to do my brows. Also considering I have been using a small eye-shadow brush for my brows recently it makes a huge difference.

I ran out of cleanser recently and I didn't have another, aghr! So I had to purchase some more, I'm not to fussy with my cleanser and I'm just going through testing different ones until find a favourite.I went with Garnier Simply Essentials soothing and cleansing lotion. I chose this because its good for sensitive skin and since I use cleanser everyday I like to go with something that's fairly gentle. I used this today and I don't have any complaints, I like it and it makes my skin feel cleaner, which is all you can really ask for. It was a good choice!

Let me know if you've tried these products and what you think, since they're still fairly new to me it would be good to know other peoples experience using these products.


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