Saturday, 18 June 2016

How I like to relax

We all love and need a bit of downtime in our lives. whether its going for a walk, pampering yourself or getting lost in a book, everyone has their own ways of relaxing and taking time out. I thought today that I would share the ways that I like to relax and the kind of things I like to do in my downtime. Most involve doing as little as I possibly can, I swear I'm not always this lazy!

My absolute favourite thing and my go to when I need to distress is a good pamper evening. I'm talking bath bombs, face masks, bubble bars and preferably chocolate. Not only does pampering myself relax me, it also makes me feel better about myself. Which is perfect when you're not feeling your best and need a pick me up. My skin always get worse when I'm stressing or tired so a bit of TLC is exactly what it needs. My favourite face mask and the one I'm currently using is the Lush Cup O' Coffee mask. My skin always feels fabulous after using this, I wrote a review for the mask here, go check it out! I also like to paint my nails, I don't know why but having my nails done makes me feel like I've got my shit together. Recently I have been using Avons Gel Shine polish in 'Mint to be' (how cute is that name!) It's a lovely spring time shade, not that the weather is very spring like at the moment!

Another way I like to get some downtime is by catching up on my favourite series. Currently I'm re watching Orange is the new black on Netflix in readiness for the new series. I'm trying to get through all 3 series in the next week so I'm all caught up, quite a challenge, even for me! There's something great about being able to switch off and immerse yourself in another world for a couple of hours. Sometimes I get a little to into it and start to talk about the characters like they're real people, its a bit weird seeing the OITNB cast all on social media glamed up, I'm used to seeing them in their prison gear and some look almost unrecognisable in real life. Anyway, I better stop before this post turns into me ranting on about OITNB! 

Listening to music is one of my favourite things to do. I love how it can change your mood and theres a song out there for whatever mood you're in. I always have headphones in, especially when I'm doing things I don't particularly enjoy, like washing up! It's also easy to do and doesn't really require any attention. Pair sitting a listening to music while relaxing in a nice bubble bath with a face mask and you've got my idea of relaxation. Just writing this is making me want to hop in the tub!

Let me know ways that you like to relax!


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