Saturday, 9 January 2016

Cleaning out my closet

I'll admit I'm a bit (ok, a lot) of a clothes hoarder. This has resulted in me having a wardrobe full of items I don't even wear, some items have never even been worn. Its hard to see what you do have and don't have and its also not much fun getting ready when you don't actually like most of the pieces you own. I have some things that don't even fit properly.

I was scrolling down my feed earlier this week and saw this post about starting a minimal wardrobe. I thought now was the perfect time to start with it being a new year and all. My goal here is to only own prices I actually wear, that means no hanging onto pieces I love but know deep down I will never wear. How many items do you own that were bought only to be stuck in the wardrobe and never taken out again. I know I have a LOT. Also my style has changed over time and I'm more interested now in buying more quality pieces rather than buying a lot of cheap stuff. Not only will the better quality pieces last longer, it also means that I'll have to think a bit more before I buy something, rather than just buying it on impulse.

Today I cleaned out my wardrobe, I do this quite often but this time I ACTUALLY got rid of things I know I wont be wearing. My wardrobe looks pretty empty now, but I actually love that, its like a blank canvas.The basic idea of having a minimal wardrobe is that everything you own is something you love, its also a general rule that everything you buy should be something that is versatile and can be paired with other pieces you own. Also 1 rule is that you're only allowed to buy 5 pieces of clothing for every season (WHAT!) At first when I read about a minimal wardrobe I thought it meant only owning a few pieces of clothing, which frankly, I would not be able to do. But after further reading I discovered that it simply meant getting rid of things you don't want in your life to make room for new. That I can do!

The main reason I am doing this now is that I feel like after a few years of trying different things out, I have found my style and I know the kind of things I like to wear. My style has changed a lot and I really dont like a lot of the items I own now so I am basically starting from scratch. Which personally I think is great. I have been in need of a long awaited clear out for a long time and now's the time!


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