Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mini Superdrug haul!

Is it really June already! Really! My motivation to blog lately has been 0% so I haven't posted anything in a while! I really couldn't think of anything I was exited about enough to write about, I think every blogger has these moments (if I can call myself a blogger!). One thing that did excite me this week was going to collect my Superdrug order, bit sad but there you go. I thought I would share my purchases with you...

First item on my list was the colab dry shampoo, I can't live without dry shampoo. I usually get batise dry shampoo but after reading a blog about it I decided to try this one instead! It does smell a little bit masculine, I mean I love the smell but maybe not on me. 
I also got some mascara, (NAME) the one o was using was coming the the end of its life (RIP) and was getting a bit to clumpy to use. All I can say is I'm happy with this so far! There was no particular reason why I bought this one, I go for waterproof because, well I live in England and it's rainy and windy. 
I bought some Rommel bb cream, I really like this! I got it because I don't really like wearing foundation and I don't really feel like I need to most days, but we all have bad skin days and this is light and moisturising. I got mine in very light, I think that's the lightest shade! 
I got the makeup sponges not to apply makeup but to try out some different nail art. Incase you were wondering the first 2 attempts did not go well, but it's all about trial and error! Another product I got was Barry M makeup brushes, I got one for concealer and one for eyeshadow, turns out they're both the same brush! No complaints about these so far, they do the job! 
In skincare I got some makeup wipes, no need to explain that and some eye roll on from simple. This has all kinds of good stuff like cucumber to wake your eyes up, I use it in the morning! I also got a cocoa butter body scrub, oh my goodness, I've only used this once and it's amazing. It smells really good and the smell sticks around for a while. It makes my skin feel soooo smooth and soft, which is always good!
Well I think that's all from my little haul, I'm sure they'll be plenty more to come! I hope I'll have another post to show you when my nail art is successful, any tips for ombré nails? 

Have a lovely day :) 


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