Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Pamper time!

I didn't do any blogging after a particularly shitty weekend this weekend, I won't go into details but it's onward and upward from here!  If there's one thing that makes me feel good though it's a good pamper evening! I usually reserve Sunday nights for this, I like to unwind and prepare myself for the dreaded Monday morning :(. A good start to a pamper evening is a good bath! I love to use a lush bath bomb or bubble bar but I didn't have any (argh!) so I had to settle for dove cream bath. It's just not as bubbly but it does smell gorgeous and makes your skin feel so so soft. I did have my lush face mask to save the day though, wich I recently did a little review on. 
I also love to do my nails ready for the new week, they are usually looking a mess by Tuesday morning but at least I start with good intentions! I used 2 nail polishes from OPI, I got these in a mini set of 4 for my birthday and I swear it was a maleficient collection but I can not find it anywhere! So I'm not sure exactly what these polishes are called...I know I like them though! I used a 'gel' looking top coat from autograph, it does look nice but after a while it makes some weird cracks in your nail polish so it's definitely not the best. 
Any hoo all this did make me feel a little better :) time for a new week and some new healthy eating, blog posts to follow! 

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