Sunday, 7 June 2015

Is summer here!?

Well it's been a lovely sunny weekend! Which is even better after the windy rainy days we've had recently. Look at that blue sky, gorgeous! 
This weekend consisted of bacon sarnies outside, home made slushies and plenty of sunshine, lovely! I love slushies, I will get my own slushy machine one day, I'm determined! But for now it's a lot of ice blending for me. We added in Ribena to the ice and it was yummy. Excuse the chipped nails but it's Sunday! 
I bought these cups from homebargains this weekend, I think it was about 8 for a pound. I also got some jumbo straws, very good for getting to the chocolate chunks in milkshakes! I've also started making lemon water recently, it's supposed to be good for detoxing, I'm a bit skeptical about this but it sure does taste good! It's really refreshing, particularly good on days like today. I add strawberrys in if we have any, it makes the water a little sweeter and also looks pretty! 
They're at least better than sugary juice, not that I can talk about that with all the slushies I've had this weekend! How has the weekend gone so fast!? If only the week would fly by this quickly! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


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