Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Colab dry shampoo review

Recently I went crazy and bought a different brand of dry shampoo, I'm a hooligan what can I say!? I read about colab dry shampoo in another blog post talking about products bloggers have brought out into stores. This is by Ruth crilly, I haven't actually read her blog before but I am subscribed to her YouTube channel, although I haven't watched anything from her in a whole. I really like this product for my hair, however I'm not a fan of the smell. Well I actually do really love the smell but to me it smells really masculine. I should mention that there isn't just one fragrance to choose from! So it's not a deal breaker, I can always get another one next time. Mine is called Paris and the fragrance is supposed to be floral, maybe it's just my nose but I don't get that! 

It is actually really good though, i usually use batise cherry dry shampoo so I have kind of compared the two. I notice with colab that it isn't as white as batise, so it's less likely that you end up walking around with white powder in your hair! Although as a blonde, it's never been to much of an issue but I can imagine if you have dark hair it would show a lot more. So it's great for that! It also works really well, I've been changing between this one and batise and I find that the colab dry shampoo is a bit less heavy. Dry shampoo normally takes the shine out of my hair after a couple of days (I use dry shampoo for as long as humanly possible, I don't like washing my hair!) but it doesn't seem to as much with this one! The smell isn't really that much of an issue, you get little whifs of it thorought the day but you can't really smell it all the time and it's definitely not an overpowering smell, pretty subtle. Overall I really like this, I will defineltly purchase this brand again but I'll probably try a different fragrance! Does anyone else use this brand, what do you think? 


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