Sunday, 3 May 2015

Oops I went to lush!

So this week i took a trip to my favorite shop in the world, lush! I love lush, I actually can not stress enough how much I love the place. All the staff are sooo friendly and it smells sooo amazing! So anyway, I didn't go too crazy and ended up buying 6 things. So...

 This is the d'fluff strawberry shaving soap, its lovely, as you can imagine it smells a bit like strawberries but I'm not super keen on the smell but it makes my legs feel lovelyyy so I can deal with it!
Ok so pictured here are the Karma bubble bar and the hottie massage bar. Again im not super keen on the smell of the massage bar, its not a bad smell, just smells kinda natural, but oh my goodness it is lovely. 
The bubble bar however is maybe the best thing I have ever smelled, it smells like oranges! I wouldn't say I prefer it to the comforter but its definitely on par. It made plenty of bubbles and turned my bath a lovely orange! did i mention that it also smelled AMAZING?

I ran out of toner and decided to try this one from Lush, I'm not exactly sure if it works like a toner by helping to tighten pores etc. but it smells bootiful and it makes my skin feel just really calm and soothed. It smells mostly of lavender as well which adds to the calming effect.

This is my second lip balm from lush, I haven't used it enough yet to judge how good it is but i loved my last one so I'm sure i'll love this one too! So far though I really like it, its not a strong lemony scent but smells lovely. 
I also brought a face mask called catastrophe cosmetic, I didn't take a picture as it had already made it to the fridge when I took the photos (its supposed to be kept in there to keep it freshhh!) I have purchased this before and I love it, it smells amazing and leaves your skin looking fresh! Its good to help soothe red skin and it works really well for me.

Well that's the end of my lush haul...for now! I'm sure I'll be back with more!

Thanks for reading!

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