Thursday, 14 May 2015

My pick me up

It's been a bit of a...blugh couple of weeks for me. Not for any particular reason, it's just not been great and I've not been feeling that great either. One thing that always picks me up though is a bit, or a lot, of pampering. For the last two weeks I've been using lush catastrophe cosmetic facemask and I LOVE it. I have used it before and out if the ones I've tried it's my favourite lush mask! 
Firstly it smells delicious! Like really really delicious! And it makes my skin feel amazing. My red skin is the bane of my life and this mask really helps to calm it down. It's lasted surprisingly long actually for a small pot and I've been using it nearly everyother day for the last couple of weeks. I prefer lush masks to any other brand I've tried, just purely because they're made with much more natural ingredients and it's makes my skin feel so much better. I'm going to try a couple more of their masks, next on the list is Brazened Honey. But for now it's time to get back to a much needed lazy Sunday afternoon binge watching friends! 


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