Saturday, 23 April 2016

Freedom Pro Brow Review

I only started filling my eyebrows in a few months ago and I really don't know why I didn't start earlier. The reason I started was because I dyed my hair a darker colour. My natural hair is blonde and unfortunately with blonde hair, comes blonde eyebrows! They didn't look too bad when my hair was blonde, they weren't great but not awful! Then I died my hair an warm amber colour and they just looked kind of  cold and washed then I decided it was time to start filling them in. 

I started using a matt eye shadow to fill them in but it was a little dark so I only did it very lightly and couldn't really fill them in or shape them properly. So when I was out shopping with my friend (who is a little obsessed with eyebrows) I bought some brow powder. We were in Superdrug and to be honest there wasn't that much of a selection for lighter brows. I wanted my brows darker but I felt like a brown would be a bit to dark, not to mention that it would be a bit of a drastic change, going from blonde brows to dark brown. 

Luckily I found this brow powder from Freedom. I hadn't even heard of the brand before but it was super cheap so I thought I might as well give it a go! And well, I've used it pretty much every day since. I was actually surprised how good it was for the price and I feel like a lot of people wouldn't pick this up, simply because they would assume this wasn't a good prouduct. 

I find that you sometimes have to use quite a bit to get good coverage but this isnt a big issue. Saying that, it goes a long way, I bought this one around Christmas and as you can see I've barely made a dent. It also stays put, another thing I was really surprised about because most of my make up seems to wear a lot during the day. I think a main reason for this is because I walk to work and back but this prouduct seems to withstand the wind, rain and sweat. Pretty gross I know but my eyebrow area seems to sweat more than the rest of me, which makes the prouduct even more fabulous. 

They also have a great range of shades, which you don't always get with drug store brands, especially when it comes to eyebrows. There are 11 different shades to choose from so you'll definitely find a shade for you. Blonde is the lightest shade available. As well as the duos, they also have single pots of shadows. These come in the same shades as the duos but they don't have the lighter shade. I'll probably go with one of these next time as I don't tend to use the lighter shade in the duo. 

This prouduct is definitely worth a try and with a great selection of shades in both the duo and the single shadows, you'll find one to suit you. The duos are currently £3 in Superdrug and the single shadows are £5. Maybe you'll find a new favourite! 


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