Monday, 16 May 2016

Things to do this Summer

The lovely weather we have been having lately has got me thinking about plans for the summer. Since we don't seem to get that much sun in the UK I want to try and make sure I make the most of this summer, and make the most of my time off work. I have a week off in 5 weeks...not counting or anything. I've also got a week in July and a couple of weeks in August, wooo! Hoping for lush weather for those weeks but knowing my luck it will end up snowing or something. But I wont let that thought stop me making plans! Not all my plans involve sunshine anyway...some involve potentially being in pyjamas all day and lets be honest, they are the best plans.

SO here's what I want to do this summer...

Watch the new series of OITNB
Visit Thorpe Park again 
Do some baking
Go for walks in the evening 
Visit a new place
Start (and actually finish!) a few crafty projects
Visit London again 
Pass my driving test (Booked in June, EEEK!) 
Go and pick some strawberries
Eat the strawberries!
Spend more time with friends
Try and eat a (bit) healthier 
Get up early and go for a walk
Practice making bath bombs
Go to a BBQ 
Go swimming
Blog regularly!
Try and go out of my comfort zone (shouldn't be hard as literally everything is out of my comfort zone!)
Start and stick to a workout routine

It will be good to see how well I get on with this list, lets see how many things I can get ticked off! It will be good to come back and look at this list if I'm stuck for something to do one day. Hopefully it's given you a couple of ideas as well. Let me know your plans for this summer!


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