Thursday, 21 July 2016

Meet Teddy!

It doesn't feel like it but its been so long since I last posted! I seem to have been so busy and also so tired lately. This week though I've had a much needed week off work and managed to catch up on a few things, like sleep and cleaning! One reason I have been a bit busier than usual is earlier this month we adopted a new member of the family, no not a baby, a kitten. Meet Ted!

We adopted Ted from a lady who had just had a baby and wasn't able to take care of him anymore. He was 12 weeks old when we picked him up (although we think hes actually a bit older, either that or hes just a big cat!) Hes about 16 weeks now and he is growing so quickly! Why cant he stay a cute baby forever! 

He certainly has a lot of energy, which is great when you're playing with him, not so great when hes jumping around the bedroom at 5am. Like all kittens he is very curious and is always getting into trouble. He managed to knock the TV over, we now have a lovely crack across the top of the screen. 
He has tons of toys but seems to be more interested in playing with things like paper and bottle tops.

As we live in a flat he lives indoors. I wasn't sure about keeping a cat inside at first but after reading up a bit, its actually quite common. If you are considering having an indoor cat, you do need to bare in mind that they need more attention and entertainment than a cat that roams around outdoors. We play with Ted and he definitely gets lots of love and attention and he seems pretty content living indoors. If I do move to a house in the future, I will probably let him out to roam around but its not possible while we're living in a first floor flat.

Hopefully I'll be back with more updates on Ted soon! Follow me on Instagram to see more of Ted (@eloue8)


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