Thursday, 21 July 2016

10 things I would tell my 10 year old self

In about 6 months I'll be turning 20, scary right!? Recently I've been reflecting on what I would tell my younger self, knowing what I know now. Here's what I came up with!

1. It's OK to get into trouble. I was always to scared to do anything slightly risky when I was younger because I was so scared of getting into trouble. I would like to let my 10 year old self know that getting into trouble is not the end of your life. You'll get over it and it will be hilarious to look back on later in life.

2. Experiment more. Stop playing it so safe! Wear blue eye shadow all over your eyelids and rock those neon leg warmers (they were so cool). Sure you will cringe when you look back a photos in a few years time but everyone needs that awkward experimental phase, plus you wont get away with those questionable choices when you're older so make the most of it!

3. Your boyfriend is not that important. We all know how heartbreaking it was when you split up with your boyfriend. Even though your 'boyfriend' was usually a guy who you asked out, then didn't speak to for 2 months before deciding that he just wasn't the guy for you. Yes at the time it was the end of your life but in 10 years you literally wont even remember all of your 'boyfriends' names.

4. Learn a skill. Since you're a kid and you have loads of time on your hands, learn something, join a club and get really good at something! Then when you're an adult you'll have a really cool talent, maybe you'll even be able to turn it into a career. I'm saying this because I am so bad at literally everything

5. Learn your times tables young lady! Yes its boring but you will thank yourself when you're older and you can actually count in multiples. This is a skill I have never mastered and to be honest I probably never will.

6. Its cool to have your own interests. This is something I'm only really learning now and its hard not to follow the crowd and try to fit in. But you will learn that differences is what makes everyone interesting and the older you get the more accepting everyone else becomes. So just do you! 

7. You'll always be shy and a little bit awkward, embrace it! While I am no where near as shy as I used to be I am still not exactly outgoing. When you're younger being shy is always seen as a negative and you're always pushed to be more outgoing. At the end of the day it's just a part of your personality and while you do gain confidence s you get older, its not something you 'grow out of'.

8. Your chubby cheeks will be with you for a few more years yet, live with it. I had chubby cheeks until I was like 15, even now they're there. I remember a time when I thought my puppy fat would never disappear. 

9. Don't force yourself to be 'into' things that you aren't 'into', give it time. I never really used to be that interested in things girls my age were interested in and it always made me feel a bit left out. I wasn't all that into beauty or High school musical or . But it's important to realise that you don't have to love everything that everyone else loves. And just because you're not interested in something then doesn't mean you wont gain an interest later on, I am now OBSESSED with all things beauty. 

10. Enjoy being 10 and good luck! The next few years are going to be emotional, hard and at times just plain confusing but everything works itself out in the end. 

*Insert embarrassing photo of 10 year old me here*  

Those eyebrows though!

Comment below with what advice you would give your 10 year old self!


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