Sunday, 12 June 2016

Avon SuperExtend Mascara Review

Avon isn't really a brand that I've ever really considered using. Probably because its not available to buy in stores (as far as I know) and it's not really talked about as much as it should be. My sister in law recently became an Avon representative and gave me a catalogue to have a look through. I've not shopped at Avon before and besides occasionally dipping into my mums makeup when I was younger, I don't think I've really ever tried any of their products. It's is the kind of brand that I always associated with mums and with a more mature audience, recently though I feel like they have been marketing towards a younger audience.
So I was surprised to find when flicking through the catalogue that there was actually quite a few products that I was interested in trying. As it happens the mascara I was currently using had pretty much completely dried up, heartbreaking I know. So I decided to steer away from the brands I usually go for and try something completely new. I know how to live guys. 

I went for the SuperExtend winged out mascara because I love the look of long winged out lashes. I love winged eyeliner as well but I just cannot get the hang of it, practice makes perfect I guess! Also one of my favourite mascaras is Maybelines The Falsies, I love the way this wings out my lashes so I was hoping for a similar effect from Avon SuperExtend mascara.

And I was not disappointed! This mascara is available in 2 shades, blackest black and brown/black. I went for blackest black because I like black mascara that is actually black and I don't like mascara that's a bit wishy-washy. Like I always say, go bold or go home! (I have never said that in my life) 

The product goes on well and isn't at all clumpy, its actually quite a thin liquid. The downside to this is it takes a bit of building to get thicker lashes but if you are lucky enough to be born with thick eye lashes then this wont be much of a problem. What this mascara is great at doing though is lengthening and as promised, it is pretty good at winging out my lashes. 
The wand is quite small with small bristles which means it is great for catching even your smaller lashes. I's also found it much easier to do my bottom lashes with this mascara compared to ones I've used in the past. Even if I didn't use this on my top lashes I would probably reach for this when it's time to do the bottom set. I like to keep my bottom lashes quite natural looking but since my lashes are blonde, I like to put something on there and this does the trick!
It lasts well and doesn't go flaky during the day and leave you with those super attractive black speckles under your eye. It's not waterproof but still has good staying power and isn't going to start streaming down your face the second your eye starts to water. 
The packaging, to me, looks a little more high-end and almost a bit more 'grown-up' than the mascaras I usually go for. Not that that's a big decider for me at least but still something to consider.

It can be quite subtle and great for everyday wear but also be built up to be a little more dramatic. This mascara wont be replacing my favourites but I'll definitely be using this in the future. 


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