Sunday, 20 March 2016

Egg Hair Mask

My hair is thin, knotty and dry. It is literally the bane of my life! I'll admit though that I could definitely do more to help get it in better shape and looking healthy again.
Lately it seems to be worse than normal, I can not leave the house without my hair becoming a flat tangled mess. So last week I remembered the egg hair mask, yep you read that right!

It sounds gross and to be honest, it is pretty gross! But for the results you get, it's worth dealing with the gross, no pain no gain! And it is so so simple, if you want nice hair but minimum effort (don't we all) then this is for you...not to mention how cheap it is! Time to put the expensive hair masks down.

It's pretty simple, all you need is an egg and some castor oil. I use 2 eggs and this is just about enough to cover my hair. Mines pretty long so you shouldn't need more than 2 eggs. I also add in a bit of castor oil to condition my hair and add more shine. Just whisk it all together in a bowl and apply to your hair. 

The application process is messy and putting raw egg in your hair is the strangest feeling! I would recommend doing this over the bath, unless you fancy cleaning raw egg up off the floor. Then just put your hair up and leave for about 20 minutes. I usually go in the shower or bath while I'm waiting as the egg can tend to drip! 

Then just wash out, make sure you wash with cold water rather than hot water as you'll end up cooking the egg in your hair, you do not want to start scrambling egg in your hair, trust me!! After the eggs all washed out, just shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Just make sure you shampoo thoroughly to get any eggy residue out of your hair! And you're done! 

You can thank me later! 


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