Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day Trip To London!

So this weekend I went on a trip to London with my lovely boyfriend! I have been looking forward to this since i booked it all over a month ago and the day went so fast! Luckily the weather was pretty good and we had a great day :)

When we arrived we headed across to the Chelsea stadium, i booked a tour as my boyfriends a fan. And despite not liking football I actually really enjoyed it! We had an hour long tour and also had a look around the museum didn't actually get many photos but here's a couple!

after this we went to the museumey part of London (South Kensington) and had a look around the science museum, not as boring as it sounds. We didn't spend to long here because e had a lot to fit in and i decided to have a nose bleed half way round which held us up a bit! Its free to get in and there's plenty of interactive stuff to do, there's also a kids play area section we managed to wander into!
Scary Spaceman!
Then we did a bit of sightseeing!

We also visited Ripleys believe it or not museum, its a museum full of weird stuff basically! Theres also a mirror maze were you can laugh at your boyfriend walking into mirrors! And a laser maze, it looked pretty cool but we didn't have time in the end to have a go. It stays open till midnight so there's loads of time to look around! I didn't get a photo but there's a mirror there that you're supposed to pull faces in, turns out its a two way mirror! I hope no one was stood behind it when I was there!

Was very sleepy on the train back after wondering around London for 12 hours! But we had a great day, there's so much to do and see you can't get it all done it one day! Hope we get to go back again soon :)


  1. great photos your very talented. I love London I have been a good few times because I have family there. It is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Love your blog very pretty layout

  2. I love it too, just wish I got to go more often! aww thank you :) just been to look at yours and its gorgeous too!